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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ice Castles!

Hello everyone!

I took a trip up north this week. The first day (well, more like night) we went to some incredible ice castles. It was so so so cold out! I was glad I had my snowsuit and my mittens.

The ice structures were all lit up with flashing lights. It looked like a fairyland. I couldn't wait to get right in and explore!

The icicles were so huge- at times, I was afraid they were going to fall right on me. They looked like stalactites or stalagmites in a cave.
And they even had lights illuminating the whole thing! This light changed from red to pink to blue and then all over again. They were also playing loud music from Frozen. It made me feel like I was Elsa in her ice castle.

It was very difficult to get pictures without a flash because it was so dark, so the only pictures that actually came out of me were with the flash. 

I was so cold sitting here! I could feel my toes freezing right off along with my fingers.
Here is a photo we managed to get without a flash. I look so purple because of the light!

Overall, it was one of the coolest (no pun intended) places I have ever been. Have you ever been to ice castles? Did you go on a fun vacation recently?

Love, Emily

What I'm Wearing: Jacket, pants, gloves, and boots from American Girl, and a handmade hat.

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