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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Walking the Dogs

Hello everyone!

Spring has finally started to show itself here. I woke up bright and early this morning to the melodic sound of birds chirping. Once I ate breakfast I decided that I had to go outside. My dog Pepper needed his morning walk, so I decided to take all of the dogs out for a nice long walk.
We have a lot of dogs in the house. Sometimes they can be difficult to tame, but I always have a great time playing with them and taking them on walks. We have four dogs altogether. 

The first one is Pepper, who is my dog. He is so adorable and has the most vibrant blue eyes. He's really obedient but can be mischievous sometimes.

This is Anna's dog Sugar. Sugar is so sweet (no pun intended!). She is so soft and is really playful. 

Harper's dog is named Meatloaf. He is the cutest bulldog I have ever seen, even though he's really mischievous. He is always full of energy and is very vibrant. 

The last dog we have is Sprocket who is Nicki's dog. He is one of the most faithful dogs I've ever met. He is really good at sensing Nicki's emotions because he used to be a service dog. 

I had a lot of fun outside in the nice spring weather with all of the dogs. It was great exercise for me and for the dogs. I think I might have to go out on another walk with the dogs again sometime soon. 

Do you have any pets? If you do, do you like to go out on walks with them?

That's all for now!
What I'm Wearing: School Days shirt from American Girl, store exclusive cargo pants from American Girl, and Coconut Fun outfit flats from American Girl. 

PS. My best friend may have to take over my blog in the upcoming weeks. She's going on a vacation and we just might have to share the pictures with you!

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