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Friday, April 18, 2014

Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hi everybody! Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was very fun.
First we went to the Early American Art exhibit. I saw a large head with cavernous holes for eyes that was a little scary but very interesting. It was made out of rock and I wanted to climb on it, but I wasn't allowed. 

Next, I saw a Chinese Buddha who was very tall and detailed. I had never been in the Asian art wing, so it was really impressive. 

Also in the Asian art wing, I saw a whole wall filled with mini bottles, perfect for my size! This one was my favorite: it had a jade fish on it.

Next, we went to an outdoor garden that had a waterfall and pond in it, right in the museum! Here I am, posing near the water.

Luckily there was a rope so I couldn't tumble in. The fish in the water reminded me of the fish on the bottle I had seen earlier.

Last, we went to the Egyptian wing. The Egyptian wing has always been my favorite wing in the whole museum. It's usually very crowded and not good for pictures, but we managed to find some interesting rooms with not a lot of people. In here, there were decorative pots and beads from Egypt lining the room.

Here I am in front of a tall statue of a pharaoh, I think. I love the Egyptian statues; the faces are so expressive.

This was the last statue I posed in front of. I think it is of a god or goddess, but I'm not sure. It was in a huge room with a real Egyptian temple in it! I really wanted to take a picture with William, the museum's mascot, but it was too crowded for a good picture. After visiting the gift shop, we left the museum. I had a very nice time there.

Now, here is everything I got at the museum. I got a William postcard, a William eraser, and three New York City notebooks. I may hang the postcard in my room or add it to my postcard collection. I'm not sure yet! Maybe William the eraser can be friends with my Tokidoki figurines.

I decided to turn one of the notebooks into a scrapbook of all of my adventures! I decided to write my favorite thing about the adventure and include my entry pass.

Thanks for Reading!

What I'm Wearing: shirt, leggings, and boots from American Girl, and homemade blazer

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